Zoning Board overturns application Holmesburg methadone clinic [NEast Philly breaking news]

A neighborhood rally against a proposed methadone clinic in Holmesburg, summer 2011. Photo/Stephen Schultz for NEast Philly

This is part of a series I’ve written, shot video and taken photos for and published to NEast Philly, the hyperlocal news website I own/edit in Northeast Philadelphia.

I got a call today from Pa. Rep. Kevin Boyle’s office informing me Philadelphia’s Zoning Board of Adjustment had revoked an over-the-counter permit for a methadone clinic in Holmesburg, a Northeast Philadelphia neighbor.

It’s not the end of the story, but it’s a milestone in series of reports NEast Philly has done, starting with the news we broke in July 2011.

I got a call just before July 4th from a Holmesburg resident who wanted to know how a methadone clinic was opening in her neighborhood without anyone realizing. I called legislators and the civic association and the story unfolded, eventually making headlines city-wide.

A company had gotten an over-the-counter (legal) permit to open the clinic. The neighborhood was outraged about its proximity to churches and schools and the applicant’s ability to obtain a permit without the civic association or elected officials knowing. The case went to the ZBA in August, and a decision was made today: no permit.

The applicant has vowed to appeal and the neighbors vow to continue their fight.

Read the full story on NEast Philly.

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Shannon Wink

Shannon Wink is a Philadelphian and experienced reporter, editor, community manager and content marketer.

One thought on “Zoning Board overturns application Holmesburg methadone clinic [NEast Philly breaking news]”

  1. wtf? Methadone is a solution to a problem. There is no need for methadone clinics unless heroin addicts already exist in the area. So basically if you’re against the clinic you’re supporting heroin addicts being criminals, committing crimes, and spreading disease against citizens of your area, but you’re not supporting someone trying to stop that from happening? wtf?

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