Temple University alumna profile: Patricia Romeu

I profiled producer Patricia Romeu for Temple University's alumni magazine.
I profiled producer Patricia Romeu for Temple University’s alumni magazine.

I had the opportunity to interview film producer Patricia Romeu to be featured in the Spring 2013 issue of Temple (formerly Temple Review), Temple University’s alumni magazine. Romeu was to be one of the alumni spotlighted in the issue, so my task was to talk to her about what she does and how it relates to her experiences at Temple.

I find profiles to be one of the harder types of writing because rarely does the subject enjoy talking about him/herself — especially someone like a film producer who spends so much time telling other people’s stories. It’s something I can relate to, given my own professional experience behind the camera/pen/screen.

But the Romeu profile was a delight to put together because I got to learn about a fellow Temple grad and an industry I was otherwise clueless about.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“[To be] the person holding the camera, asking questions and shaping someone else’s story — there is a moral and ethical responsibility in that.”

The entire profile can be found on Page 48 of the Temple Spring 2013 edition.

romeu profile full

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