Career change: I no longer work in a newsroom and I’m pretty excited about it

As of January 2018, I no longer work at Billy Penn, the Philly newsroom where I spent the last three-plus years as community manager, managing editor and editor.

There are many things I won’t get into now, including why I’m no longer there, details of my time there and my goals as editor. I need more distance to allow for clarity and to better articulate how I feel.

But I can tell you what I feel, which is excited. And I can tell you what’s next, which is … we’ll see. I have a few exciting upcoming freelance gigs and some long-neglected house projects that I’ll focus on while I find the right full-time role.

Here’s what I’m looking for (see my qualifications here):

Philly-centric That means the office, the team and the work being done are of, by and/or for Philadelphia. No suburbs (seriously, recruiters, I’m not making a daily commute to Wilmington).

Diversity and inclusivity  No lip service and no promises. I want policies, practices and testimonials that whatever Philly company I land with is representative of Philadelphia.

Direct impact There’s no doubt journalists can create impact. But it’s often an indirect impact, and many times — especially recently, given the political climate — something you have to argue for against outdated industry standards, and then subsequently defend in an un-monitored comments section.

I focused, you’ll notice, on the kind of company, team and values I’m looking for. The work is a secondary concern.  I will continue to do excellent, meaningful work. And I know that surrounding myself with the right team will help me to be even better.

Don’t expect to find me in another newsroom. And don’t call me a recovering journalist. I’m not recovering from anything; I’ll be doing what I’m good at with a company I believe in. I’m looking for content strategy and communications roles — work I’ve always done, but in new environments.

Stay tuned.


Published by

Shannon Wink

Shannon Wink is a Philadelphian and experienced reporter, editor, community manager and content marketer.

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