My mobile-first journalism presentation and other highlights from the 2016 J/i Conference


I found my people in February in Gainesville. They were the speakers and guests at the Journalism Interactive Conference at the University of Florida, where I hosted a session about mobile news.

Anyone who’s been to a journalism conference knows these things can be hit or miss. The session about monetization turns out to be some guy talking about why his newspaper is the special exception to the downward spiral of ad revenue. The social media workshop is run by some newsroom’s intern whose presentation is all fluff and no strategy.

I learned a lot at J/i, but I also had some very interesting conversations with journalists and journalism instructors doing important, innovative work. I don’t love talking about journalism and journalists; I’d much rather do it and teach it. J/i was full of people just like that who were there to talk about what they’re trying and figure out how to incorporate one another’s successes into their newsrooms and classrooms. Continue reading