What my multimedia journalism students will learn this semester

Our classroom at Temple University's Center City Campus
Our classroom at Temple University’s Center City Campus

The Spring 2014 semester at Temple University starts today (we’re delayed a week because of snow and ice), and as of 5:30 p.m., I’ll be back in the classroom with junior and senior journalism undergrads. We’ve got 15 weeks to explore multimedia storytelling. Here’s some of what we’ll do: Continue reading What my multimedia journalism students will learn this semester

Teaching Temple University journalism students again

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It’s been three full years since I taught journalism at Temple University, but I’m back in the swing of things. This semester, I’ve got two full sections of seniors in various stages of boredom and panic.

We’ll be working on multimedia storytelling — telling complete, visually appealing news stories and publishing them to websites students will make for themselves. Continue reading Teaching Temple University journalism students again

A semester as an adjunct journalism professor

After teaching a month-long high school journalism course through Temple University, I was asked to stay on as an adjunct for the Fall 2010 semester in the journalism department. I was thrilled.

I spent the next 15 weeks teaching 13 students — mostly freshmen — about grammar and AP Style, and worked as a teaching assistant for Multimedia Urban Reporting Lab, Temple’s capstone journalism program, with which I have a partnership through my business, NEast Philly.

Aside from being excited about the new opportunity, I also looked forward to teaching two classes I’d taken as a student at Temple. Continue reading A semester as an adjunct journalism professor

Owls in the City

I did a freelance piece for the Winter 2010 issue of the Temple Review, Temple University’s alumni magazine. As part of the 1,00o-word feature, I tagged along with one of the university’s “Philadelphia Experience” classes, in which students use the city as their classroom.

An excerpt: Continue reading Owls in the City

Getting around Brewerytown

By Shannon McDonald

This is a story I did for MURL, Temple University’s senior journalism class. The assignment was to go out into your assigned neighborhood – in my case,  Brewerytown – and report on how the residents get around. This was a team reporting project, but I was responsible for the written portion.

The snowstorm that hit our region last Tuesday night left the city silent, snuggled up in a white, powdery blanket. But by Wednesday morning, the streets were a mess, the tighter ones paved in ice and the thoroughfares slippery with slush. Brewerytown residents didn’t seem to mind.

“I ride my bike in all kinds of weather,” said Waugh Wright, 34, a resident on the 800-block of Ringgold Street. “It’s a little icy today, but not bad enough for me to put the bike away.”

Wright is a teacher who bikes to work everyday, unless the weather is especially bad. Even though schools were closed last Wednesday, that didn’t stop Wright from pedaling around his neighborhood. The three-and-a-half year Brewerytown resident says the biggest attraction of biking is its environmental benefits, though the exercise doesn’t hurt, either. Continue reading Getting around Brewerytown