Boards & Volunteering

Fishtown Neighbors Association

  • Outreach Committee creator and co-chair, leading the organization’s proactive engagement with both long-time and new residents
  • Facilitated the installation of stop signs at a dangerous intersection
  • Ideate and lead events designed to increase community engagement and involvement, and generate funding

Temple University Journalism Department Advisory Board

  • Serve alongside instructors and alumni to annually to review what’s going in the department
  • Discuss how to stay on top of industry trends and keep curricula current

Temple University Student Media Advisory Board

  • Serve alongside media professionals and university alumni to explore how to better integrate student publications with each other
  • Look for partnership opportunities with business and advertising firms and within the Klein College of Media and Communication curriculum

St. Hubert Business Network

  • Assist the all-girls high school I attended with building a business-focused alumni network
  • Help organize events and meetups, and create strategies for engaging with new members and maintaining member involvement