I’m passionate about my work and have built my career around the people and projects I care about. But there is such a thing as work/life balance, and not everything I do professionally translates to my personal life. Here’s a quick run-down of my volunteer projects:

Fishtown Neighbors Association: I’m on the board of my neighborhood association after starting the Safety Committee a few years ago. We’re a small group of volunteers serving a rapidly changing neighborhood, but my work focuses on a few key areas: improving lighting, de-littering streets and creating pedestrian-friendly intersections. I wrote about one of our first major projects: getting crosswalks and stop signs at a busy intersection.

Temple University Journalism Department Advisory Board: This group of professors, adjuncts (me) and alumni (also me) meets annually to review what’s going in the department and discuss how to stay on top of industry trends without having to constantly overhaul the curriculum.

Temple University Student Media Advisory Board: This group of media professionals and alumni is exploring how to better integrate student publications with each other, with business and advertising opportunities and with the Klein College of Media and Communication curriculum.

St. Hubert High School Alumnae Marketing & Planning Committee: My alma mater is near and dear to my heart, and the further I get into my career, the more I appreciate how much I gained my all-girls high school. A few alumnae are working alongside school administrators to better market the school to prospective students, parents and alumnae.