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My new workspace in the Billy Penn offices
My new workspace in the Billy Penn offices

I’m the community manager for Billy Penn, a news startup that calls itself a “mobile platform for a better Philly.”

Note the tagline doesn’t even mention news. The point isn’t to limit ourselves to the roles of a traditional news organization. Rather, the goal is to give the audience the information they need to help make Philadelphia a better place. It might start with a story or a tweet, but along the way there will be calls to action, events and partnerships.

Ongoing (2010-present):


I’ve been teaching on and off as an adjunct professor in Temple University’s Department of Journalism. I got into teaching through the side door when I worked with Prime Movers as an adviser to the George Washington High School newspaper club and its publication, The Eagle Eye. From there, I spent a summer teaching a digital journalism crash course to Philadelphia public high school students through Temple University’s high school journalism classes.

I joined the university’s adjunct faculty staff in Fall 2010, and have since taught freshmen, juniors and seniors everything from grammar to online profile-building.

Previously (2008-2014):


Project management at NewsWorks

From October 2013 through July 2014, I’m going to be doing much less of my social media strategy work at NewsWorks to focus on a new grant-funded project.

With funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, NewsWorks is working with consultants on a few projects that all intersect: audience research, mobile product testing and a public media “dashboard” concept.

We’re gathering information about news consumption and payment/membership habits, testing a few mobile product strategies that meet the needs the research uncovers, and developing a dashboard concept that hopefully many public media organizations can use to measure the metrics that matter most to them.

It’s fun, new, challenging work that will keep me from the day-to-day social media stuff. Once the project is over, I’ll go back to being more hands-on with our news and marketing departments to develop strategies to make our content as appealing as possible to audiences on different social networks.

You won’t see daily posts on this site for two reasons: the nature of my job at WHYY/NewsWorks and the amount of work I put into my side project, NEast Philly.

I am the Feed Blogger Social Media Editor Social Media Strategist (yay for promotions!) for NewsWorks.org, which means in short I publish as many as four blog posts an hour based on our own breaking news content and material we aggregate from other sources. I also manage our social media accounts I work with our newsroom and marketing departments to make the most of what we’re doing on social media.

The rest of my time is spent on NEast Philly, the hyperlocal online news site I started for Northeast Philadelphia in 2008. I write, I edit, I interact, I sell ads.

The posts you see on this site are some of the more hefty ones I do for NewsWorks and NEast Philly.

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