Covering the 2012 election on live TV [NewsWorks]

That’s me on the right with WHYY-TV election night host Tracey Matisak.

Just because I’m a social media editor doesn’t mean I spend all day at a computer using Facebook or Twitter.

Actually, it does sort of mean that, but if you’re a journalist in 2012, you’ve got to be able to multitask and you really ought to develop skills across several platforms. That’s partly how I came to be on live TV Nov. 6 to cover the 2012 election.

I was on TV back in the Spring for a pre-recorded piece on WHYY First about a lengthy genealogy project I did. But we had more than four hours of live coverage to fill for the big election, and because social media plays such a large role in how people engage with politics and news coverage, it seemed a natural fit that I provide some updates in between our station’s coverage of key local races and, of course, the presidential election.

You can see some of what I talked about in the slideshow below.

I appeared four times for just a few minutes each (plenty of face time to make the family and friends proud and just enough time in between to keep up my regular duties as the NewsWorks social media editor). I spoke with host Tracey Matisak about what people were talking about on social media as the election results rolled in – from anxiety to apathy to N.J. Gov. Chris Christie, and about how much of a role Twitter has played in this election compared with the national election of 2008.

It was a new, challenging experience – one I’m very lucky to have had. Not every job comes with the opportunity to test the waters on so many platforms.

[View the story “Covering Election 2012” on Storify]

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