Finding a new home for NEast Philly’s content

When I made the decision in late 2013 to close NEast Philly, offers poured in to keep the site running. Many community groups, politicians, universities, bloggers and local newsies offered to either fund the site, host pieces of the archives or keep the site alive with some kind of fresh content.

I found it surprisingly easy to envision all of these possibilities. After five years of closely managing the site and being extremely careful about affiliations, once I made the decision to close up shop, letting go wasn’t as hard as I imagined. But I knew I wanted to find the right fit for the archives — a place where I could be proud to send people looking for the content, where it would all be in one place, and where related content already exists.

That transition is now complete.


neast philly on planphilly

I’m thrilled to say that PlanPhilly now hosts the NEast Philly archives. The brilliant team at P’unk Avenue has ensured that all the Northeast stories look good in their new home, and that they’re easy to find.

PlanPhilly was an important and valued content partner to NEast Philly over the last few years, and its staff works hard to cover issues in every corner of the city. It’s important to me — as a Philadelphian, not just the former NEast Philly editor — that the archives fit into a bigger picture. PlanPhilly has been covering zoning and development in Northeast Philly from the beginning. The NEast Philly content has a true home there, and I’m grateful to Matt Golas and his team for recognizing the importance of preserving five years’ worth of news stories.

To those who supported NEast Philly over the years, and those who continue to host, read and link to them — thank you.


Published by

Shannon Wink

Shannon Wink is a Philadelphian and experienced reporter, editor, community manager and content marketer.

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